Voice IQ

VoiceIQ Technology for Delta Faucets

Delta’s newest innovation allows you to modify your existing faucets to be voice activated. This is a step in the right direction toward automation within the home.

Check out this Delta video that explains the requirements and installation for VoiceIQ. It’s a pretty simple install, and the instructions regarding how to figure out if your existing faucet is compatible are very clear.

This next video will help you with the set up the voice activation after installation. Again, it’s all pretty easy and the videos are very helpful. Once your faucets are set up, you will even be able to program custom commands for your faucet.

Do you already have a Delta faucet and are wondering if it will be compatible with VoiceIQ? Check out this list of compatible faucets.

Still have questions? Well there’s a handy FAQ section on the Delta website here. Next steps? Reach out to your sales staff or your local Bird Stairs branch to find out more about this great Delta product. This functionality is sure to make your life easier!

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