Nova Scotia ICF Pool

Hanninen Nudura ICF Pool: Top 3 in Pools Division, 2022 ICF Builder Awards

Built in Nova Scotia’s beautiful Annapolis Valley, Hanninen Home Design used Nudura Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) to build an 18’X36’ in-ground ICF swimming pool. The use of ICF as a pool building material aids in heat retention and water quality. The pool shell has a R24 insulation advantage as well as additional structural stability. The pool is able to be opened sooner and used later into the cold and unstable Atlantic-region climate. Combined with an electric heat pump (that only runs when required), the 85 degrees F is maintained more easily. In addition, the ICF walls reduce the risk of damage that can be a result of the freeze/thaw cycle. The cost savings, compared to the standard steel panel kit, were significant. The labour costs of installing the ICF was similar to installing a traditional pool.

The design of the ICF pool is meant to be simple with clean lines. Along with the pool, they installed fountains and patio lighting into the concrete patio slab to create a nice ambiance for pool-goers. These elements were all deciding factors that qualified this project as a finalist for the 2022 ICF Builder Awards.

ICF added value in many unique ways. Even the pool installer, Jim Sproule, “The Pool Doctor,” was impressed!

The skimmer, jets and lights were easily cut into the ICF form blocks and the concrete then poured around the plumbing & fixtures. The ICF system worked so well for this aspect, that our once skeptical pool installer became an instant ICF convert. He plans to install an ICF pool in his own yard in the near future.

-DJ Hanninen

The end-result was near-perfection!

Nudura ICF Pool

“Water does not lie!” With that said, the ICF pool installation is as close to perfection as I could have hoped for. From the excavation work by Chris Aldred, to the footings and the ICF walls installed by Wattons Concrete Construction, the end result is laser straight and level. The craftsmanship was impeccable. The crew was leveling the ICF walls to within a 1/16″ and it shows in the finished product.

All images & video provided by Hanninen Home Design Inc.

ICF Pool
ICF Pool
ICF Pool Progress Shot
ICF Pool Being Built
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