Raising Funds for A New Wheelchair!

Bird Stairs is donating $6,000 for the purchase of a new wheelchair for 21-year-old Austin MacLellan, set to compete at the Junior Worlds with the Canadian Men’s U23 basketball teams.

Austin MacLellan of Fredericton, NB, was a sport-loving kid who was diagnosed with two different neuromuscular diseases that required multiple surgeries. Despite treatment, the diseases progressively impaired his ability to walk, run and the functionality of many of his muscles. MacLellan didn’t let this get in the way of his ability to play basketball. Now, MacLellan has earned a spot on the Canadian Men’s U23 Basketball Team. A dream came true with an invite to compete on a World Stage in Thailand. MacLellan needs a new wheelchair that fits properly to compete.

Bird Stairs, agreed to match all donations up to $6,000 on the Go Fund Me page. Hearing this, Nashwaaksis Lions Club agreed to also donate $5,000.00. Nashwaaksis Lions Club collects funds from TV Bingo. The page is set to meet the goal of $6,000 remaining to cover the cost ($17,144.50) of the specialized chair.

“I am really looking forward to the Junior Worlds this fall. Unfortunately, my chair broke and cannot be fixed, and I am currently using an old, heavier chair. Just as a runner needs proper fitting shoes, I need a chair that is really dialed in to my body. Using a chair that fits will allow me to protect my health and reduce the risk of injury to my joints. It means a lot to have the support to get a new chair that will help me achieve my best.” Austin MacLellan.

“Our main funds come from our Radio Bingo on Wednesdays on Radio 92.3. Helping raise funds for Austin’ s wheelchair is what the Bingo is all about. Great work and congratulations on being part of the Canadian team, Austin!.” Lori Perley, Nashwaaksis Lions Club.

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