Construction Specialties

Bird Stairs has the expertise and products to help you overcome whatever your project throws at you. Our unique two person sales teams work together to figure out the solutions, then support you onsite and in the office to keep your project moving forward. Build Strong.

Division 3: Concrete

Concrete Forming and Accessories, Concrete Reinforcing, Precast Concrete, Cast Decks and

Division 4: Masonry

Reinforcing and Anchoring for Unit Masonry and Stone.

Division 7: Thermal & Moisture Protection

Dampproofing and Waterproofing, Thermal Protection, Steep Slope Roofing, Membrane

Division 8: Openings

Windows, Doors, Roof Windows and Skylights, Hardware

Division 9: Finishes

Flooring, Painting and Coatings, EIFS and Stucco

Division 31: Earth Work

Geotextile, Paving Fabrics, Erosion Control, Soil Stabilization, Rock Anchoring

Bridge and Highway

Bridge Bearings and Expansion Joints, Waterproofing, Coatings, Forming, Barrier

Construction Tools and Accessories

Hand Tools, Power Tools, Cases, Various Small Tools